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We call ourselves BOGs.  Our school was Barnes County Secondary for Girls in Lonsdale Road.  The Girls and Boys Schools merged in 1969 and this school was eventually closed down on 29th July 1977.

Our old school building was demolished and houses were built on the site.  Over the years many of us have passed by from time to time. One always looks but our school is not there and a pang of sadness pierces the heart. Although it no longer exists our memories live on and we know our old school chums are out there somewhere.


Some of us managed to find one or two old friends through the website friendsreunited and so it was decided that a school reunion would be a good idea. Unbelievably we managed to locate over 100 ex-pupils and 6 teachers from just a few selected years and from this number more than 70 old girls and 4 teachers attended our first major official School Reunion which was held at the Coach and Horses in Barnes High Street on 29th June 2002. 


It was because of this tumultuous response that we decided to form BOGs and invitation is now open to all old girls who attended our school from the day it opened in 1921 until the schools amalgamated in 1969.  We have now located in excess of 350 BOGs.  We are unable to give the exact figure since our numbers are continuously growing with new BOGs every week.


In August 2017 we held BOGs 16th Reunion and, once again, BOGs  descended on Barnes from the 4 corners of the globe.  We were easily recognizable: we wear our BOGs badges with pride. All BOGs members receive a beautiful enamelled lapel school badge.  The badge design is crossed oars with a feather in each quarter and is in Oxford and Cambridge boat race colours.

 Enamel badge