BOG's Magazine/Newsletter


The Bog's Magazine/Newsletter contains reports from the Chair, Membership Secretary, Archivist, also letters and photographs from members. All contributions will be gratefully received, copied and returned intact.

Our latest edition is the - Spring 2019 Newsletter


Below the covers of our: 


       Spring (No19) 2007 to Autumn (No37)2011


         News-sheets No1 - No18 are available

           Back copies of all issues are still available for a small fee please contact the Committee.






   Spring 2007






       Serina's last Magazine No. 37 was posted to subscribing members at the end of September 2011.

Serina Page was Editor until 2011, Patsy Farmiloe took over in 2012, Serina came back as Editor for the December 2013 Newsletter, and our current Editors, Sylvia Oakley and Sally Warcup, took over in 2016. Please send all material for inclusion in the next Newsletter to BarnesOldGirlsAssoc@yahoo.com


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